The GPS To Photo Project


This small utility is to extract the GPS Latitude and Longitude information form a GPS track log file and imprint it to the digital JPEG pictures. Once the GPS Lat/Lon is stored into the picture, you can use third party software such like Opanda to view the location of the picture that was taken on Google Map.


1. Go to ActivePerl and download Windows version MSI (12.4M). Run ActivePerl- to install a PERL platform.

2. Download the application Unzip it to your C:\gps2Photo folder.

3. Usage:

1. From Android phone, turn on My Tracks and record tracks. Export track files (with "gpx" extension) to C:\gps2Photo\.

2. Copy JPEG pictures with file extension .jpg (eg. DSC_001.jpg) or Nikon NEF raw files into folder C:\gps2Photo.

3. Open a DOS command window and run following commands:
cd c:\gps2Photo
run.bat <-- if your photos are in jpg format, or

runNet.bat <-- if your photos are in Nikon NEF format.

4. After the execution, a new folder GPS is created. Under this folder, all JPEG files contain the GPS data.

5. Right click the new JPG file and select "Locate Spot on Map by GPS". The place where the picture was taken is displayed on Google Map. This function is provided by Opanda as described above.

6. Clean up folder C:\gps2Photo and leave only and lib.

- Track file: Tracklog files with extension .txt or .gpx are supported. More GPS devices will be supported in the future.
- JPEG pictures: only those taken by Nikon D70s are tested. However it should work with other brand digital cameras as well.


If you find this utility is useful and you wish to make a small donation to the author, here is the link


0.4 July 12, 2006: Supported Time Zone parameter

0.3 October 15, 2005: Supported GPX tracklog format

0.2 October 09, 2005: Improved Accuracy Algorithm

0.1 October 06, 2005: Beta Test

Copyright and Disclaimer:

This program is copyrighted.  However you are free to download and use at your own risk. ActivePerl is registered under Opanda is registered under  Library ExifTool belongs its own author.